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December 4, 2018

October 1, 2018

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Mental Wellness Resolutions

January 2, 2019

Welcome to 2019...

Every year you may make plans to make life better than the year before. What are you doing to make your new plans a reality? Check out the picture...


The first thing you see is to be AWESOME... You don't have to overthink this statement. Being the person you are is an awesome task all by itself! Take the time to write down some attributes you like about you, then read them over. Notice just how AWESOME you truly are.


ACTIVE: The action of being active can simply be getting out of bed and taking a shower, practicing your normal hygiene methods, taking a walk around your apartment, socializing with others (a phone call or going outside), exercise, even going to support groups.


SMILE: When you smile you uplift your spirits. When you smile at others you bring a light to their world that makes them feel good too. Take a moment and look in the mirror and smile at yourself. Notice how it makes you feel. Notice how your face brightens up.


TALK: Conversing with others helps you release some of the challenges you are facing. Talking allows you to recognize that you are not alone in whatever it is you're tackling.


TOGETHER: Reaching out to your support team gives you a feeling of 'togetherness' relieving the feeling of being alone. Togetherness can comprise of at least 2 people to an unlimited amount of people you feel comfortable being around or sharing with.


RESPECT: Respect will always have Aretha Franklin's voice attached to it. She said make sure you take care of TCB (take care of business). Respect boils down to listening to yourself and following through with exactly what you need. Before you can respect anyone else, you must respect YOU! You are worthy of YOUR respect, care and love.


LOVE: Be genuine with you. Care for what you need and let go of unreasonable expectations you place on yourself. Love yourself for what you can accomplish and love yourself through the challenges you continue to face to be a better you.


REACT: It's easy to ignore 'self' when things are not going as well as you believe they should. Take the time to react to your needs and follow through with what will bring you joy.


CREATE: Explore your imagination and your believe system. Create those visions into a personal reality.


LIVE: There's an old saying that you never live until you know you're going to die. Why wait?! Consider what makes you feel good and do it! Take the time to revel in the joy you get when you indulge in activities that help you explore life.


DON'T RESIST: While it's a good practice to say 'no' on occasion, there are numerous moments when saying 'yes' is the best choice. Open your horizons and don't resist the opportunity to try new things.


SEARCH: When was the last time you tried something new? It's easy to stick to the familiar and get similar results. Take a moment to search (explore) new horizons and learn something new about you.


HAPPY: Write down at least 10 things that make you happy. Give yourself the opportunity to engage in those activities each day.


LEARN: Did you know you learn something new every day? Make an effort to deliberately learn something that makes you feel good at least once a week.


ENJOY: You've heard the saying 'dance as if no one is watching'? Well, enjoy the moments in life that are just for you. Find a book, take a walk or watch a movie and allow yourself to get lost in the atmosphere, ambiance and story of it.


THINK: When you find yourself in a situation where you're going to act on impulse take just a brief moment and stop. Allow yourself the opportunity to think through the choice or circumstance before following through with your decision.


Consider these 16 steps when you are thinking about the resolutions you want to make for 2019. Taking care of you is the first priority of every moment of every day within any year. I wish you a very blessed and prosperous New Year!



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