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December 4, 2018

October 1, 2018

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A Time of Reflection

December 4, 2018

We have come to the last month of 2018. This is a time to reflect on your experiences over the year. This has been the year of challenges, for me. Not just ordinary challenges, but challenges of things I never thought I could do.


When I was younger I had some pretty lofty desires that ranged from the outrageous to the 'normal' ideals of a child. I wanted to be a super hero, like Isis! Who remembers the Saturday morning kid show Isis. Today, the only thing Isis is known for is a terrorist organization. But, this children's show was used to demonstrate the power of women while giving a little history lesson on the legend of the Egyptian Queen Isis. The other super hero I wanted to be was Storm from the X-Men. She represented a strong Black woman in charge who was wise, patient and loving. I recognize that the characters that I idolized were fictional, but they had very real characteristics that I wanted to possess to help me in life. 

As I got older I recognized other super heroes that were more realistic and decided that I would be come one, myself. The cape I chose to wear was one of compassion and understanding. After being diagnosed with mental illness I felt powerless and unsuitable for anything that life had to offer. When I became educated about Bipolar, Depression, Anxiety and PTSD I made it my mission to help others understand what they were faced with, that they are not alone in their struggle and that mental illness does not prevent them from becoming anything their hearts desire. 


One of my dreams as a young person was to become a writer and journalist. I wanted to report the news and write articles and books that would interest people as well as educate them. So as 2018 became a reality not only has my writing dreams become true (I write books that educate others and interest people) I became a publisher too! I have taken on roles as speaker and entertainer giving a voice to individuals who are scared, confused and looking for a way to live their best lives regardless of what their diagnosis (mental or physical) is.


So I bet you're wondering, what were the challenges she faced that she didn't think she could do? Well... I didn't know I could entertain a crowd while educating them on suicide awareness and mental health issues. I didn't know I had the eloquence to stand on a theater stage and deliver a message of hope and help others realize their potential for a healthier lifestyle. I didn't know I could host a talk show that highlighted the possibilities of humanity in spite of the adversities of stigma.


So, I write all of this to tell you to never give up. You can do anything you put your mind and heart into. What challenges has 2018 posed for you and how did you sail through them? 


I want to end this post giving you the vision of hope and healing. You have everything you need within you to create into reality. Reflect on the beautiful things that 2018 has offered you.



















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