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Andrea Landry-Brown, CPRS Programs

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What's In A Name?

This exciting 4 week interactive workshop covers five topics:

*What's Your Name?

*Who Were You before Your Diagnosis?

*Diagnosis: The End of Life as You Know It!

*Acceptance and Rebirth

*Recovery and Beyond

The Crazy Conversation

This 5 week interactive workshop covers the following topics:

* Introduction and Definition of 'crazy'

* The Ambiguity of 'crazy'

* The Darkside of 'crazy'

* Using Scripture to Manage Mental Health Symptoms

* Releasing Your Confidence

Coping Skills Development

This weekly support group empowers participants to learn coping skills to assist with anxiety, anger, depression and bipolar symptoms.

Playlist for Life

This weekly support group helps the participant utilize music to identify moods, journal about the mood and provide peer support.