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Being Broke is Maddening
A Guide to Financial Wellness

A. Renee' Johnson (The Financial Behaviorist) and Andrea Landry-Brown (The Mental Wellness Diva)

Renee and Andrea have put their expertise together (financial behaviors and mental wellness) to explore the innate fear people have about money. This book will guide you through a path of understanding your relationship with money, and the anxiety that accompanies your finances your quality of life. You will explore the meaning of financial instability, how your familial history affects the methods in which you manage your finances, and how it affects your mental health. Finally, Renee and Andrea will show you strategic methods to manage your finances while improving your mental well-being.

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Shattered Mirrors, Silent Voices

Andrea Landry-Brown, CPRS (Co-Author)
Story: Vibrations

The emotional pain that comes with the void left by fathers is enough pain for the fatherless but, the society expatiates the pain with their judgmental verdicts. The world shames us as we question the universe, why it happened to us.

The pain, anger, and guilt travels with us from childhood to adulthood. It lands us in depression and anxiety from so much bottled emotions! But no, that’s not going to continue!

Neta Vaught is leading the fatherless like herself into the journey of bravery and fearless living via this amazing, self-inspired and burden-relieving book. With a mission to break the silence and this epidemic tragedy, this book is filled with personal letters from people who have survived this journey of emptiness to their fathers.

Not that alone, this book also includes letters to absent fathers and stories of warriors and survivors of depression. The life traumas these great warriors have been through cannot be measured and are such are written in black and white to inspire other struggling survivors of depression. These are letters that releases pain and gives strength. They are aimed at stopping stigmatization.

The courage to share with others around the world is bravery in its own self. Join these brave individuals as they share with you.

Andrea Landry-Brown was raised in a fatherless home with a strong warrior for a mother. She was instilled with strong morals and values providing her with a foundation of strength, even through the face of adversity and trauma. Andrea met her father after graduating from the sixth grade and was horrified when she learned all of the terrifying stories she had heard about him were true. Andrea’s dream of the ‘ideal father’ was what her young girl expectations were. In her story ‘Vibrations’ she describes him as “the great unknown who would save me from my existence within my mother’s family”. She didn’t realize just how wrong she would be. Andrea expresses her raw emotion and overwhelming pain within this letter to her absent father.

We encourage you to purchase this book of strong women who have endured being fatherless daughters. Their letters, stories and testaments are powerful reminders of how important a strong and loving relationship with our fathers can lead to higher self-esteem and healthier relationships with others. Shattered lives may lead to shattered minds but healing is attainable.

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